My (Dove_of_onenness) Definition of a White Knight


Hello Dear Friends,

I have much to share, however, let me clarify something first.

My professional background is in business and large business computer systems. The term "White Knight" is a term I borrowed from the world of multi-million dollar financial transactions where one company buys or merges with another company. In the financial business world, a "White Knight" is a wealthy person or company that comes to the rescue of another company which is being threatened by a hostile takeover.

I began writing a newsletter almost two years ago to share news about some prosperity programs in which people around the world have membership. There are several hundred thousands of people in the U.S. in these programs and I write mainly about the progress of one of these programs which has over 200,000 members. In researching the progress of these programs, I learned of a group of powerful, high-integrity people who have been working for many years to move the proceeds of these programs into the hands of the program members. These funds are astronomical amounts and there have been many very secret conflicts fought over these funds. I applied the term "White Knights" to the people who have been taking action to get these proceeds into the hands of the rightful recipients. Our White Knights certainly have been rescuing our programs funds from the opposition trying to do hostile takeovers of our programs and funds!

Symbolically, I used "White" to denote purity of motivation and high spiritual orientation; I used "Knights" to denote courageous people who take action. The White Knights include people of all races, all ethnic backgrounds, all religions, 180 countries; people whose positions enable them to bring forth worldwide changes. These brave people have received many death threats from the opposition and continue to move these improvements forward. To protect them, I avoid giving their names. However, I can give you some of their titles. The White Knights worldwide include: a former leader of a major European nation; judges of the World Court which have jurisdiction and control over all 50+ of these prosperity programs; certain high-integrity members of Congress; highly-respected current and previous top U.S. military leaders; the worldwide expert on monetary and banking systems; the leader of an important foreign nation; key people in the world’s monetary systems organizations; certain currently serving members of the U.S. cabinet; U.S. military intelligence agents and U.S. Patriot military groups; U.S. monetary system officials; the East Coast Coalition attorneys; the Farm Claims attorneys and leaders; some onshore and offshore banking leaders; and many more powerful people whose names you would recognize. All these people mentioned above are WHITE KNIGHTS and include many people from every race, every religion, and every ethnicity.

I also have a group of people I have named the "Divine Coalition" which includes powerful people worldwide who have cooperated with the White Knights. The Divine Coalition includes members of nearly all the top world banking families who have in recent years joined the White Knights in efforts to improve the world, rather than destroy it. The Divine Coalition includes some members of the Bilderbergers group; foreign intelligence, and foreign government officials who are helping to bring forth these worldwide banking and legal improvements. Yes, I know, most of us who have studied the manipulators of the world know the top banking families and the Bilderbergers have been key manipulators in the past. However, I have seen that members from these groups have changed allegiance in the last few years and most are now actively working to improve rather than exploit and destroy the world. Many of these powerful people are steadfastly aligned with the White Knights and against the old guard opposition.

Now, I have a favor to ask. Would some of you great Internet wizards be willing to do me a favor? Would you please put this message in a webpage and list the webpage with the major Search Engines using "White Knights" as a key word? I would like to have my definition of the term "White Knights" come up in the Search Engines when people do web researches in the future. I very much appreciate your taking the time and energy to help me get this information about our wonderful White Knights put into the Search Engines. Thanks!

The White Knights are the ones who are bringing us NESARA. In the last week, there have been hints about NESARA by major news anchors. Below is a note I received discussing this. Particularly, Tom BROKAW has been giving hints. Brokaw was speaking with a member of Congress following the planes hitting the WTC; Brokaw asked this person if the attacks could have anything to do with attempts to stop the new "economic and financial changes" due to occur shortly. Also, Brokaw was seen in the last few days saying (paraphrase): "those who are bringing forth the new financial and economic changes are not intimidated by the attacks this last week and the changes are going to be implemented in the near future."

The changes to which Brokaw refers are the changes in NESARA. NESARA is a SECRET law which brings us an improved banking and currency system run by the Treasury Department; abolishes the IRS and federal income tax; provides for certain personal debt forgiveness; and much more.