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Project Omega
By Dr. Bill Deagle, vision received 7/20/99


    As I was speaking to one of my sources at Lockheed Martin today, I was taken in the spirit without warning by the angel Gabriel, and he said to me, "I will show you preparations which are now ready to begin. The Evil One is preparing to destroy the people of the Holy One of Israel."

    He took me to an underground tunnel. The tunnels that we walk upon lead to a project that you have never heard of before, which was revealed to me from the Throne Room of Heaven. As we walked, I could hear the continuous subterranean banging of low frequency sounds made by a huge machine ahead of us laying special track. He said, "See the machines that the Spirit of the Father has shown you, tunnelling all over America, and many other places in the world."

    As we turned left down another tunnel I saw pentagrams on the transportation pods used in the central tunnels. I saw them again and again all over the facility. A large Greek Omega sign was present over the entry way. All the personnel were dressed in black, with short sleeve shirts. Some wore hats that bore a yellow crescent moon, crossed by a red pointed boomerang shaped symbol pointing to a white inverted five pointed star. I do not understand what all that means, but assumed it must symbolize their mission and worship of Satan.

     Gabriel said, "See the screens that stand in array before you! Notice there is no laughter from the workers. They are making final preparations for the Times of Terror - the purpose of Project Omega!!"

     looked and saw many screens filled with what appeared to be newscasts, showing mobs of civilians wearing gas masks, and disasters everywhere.

    He asked, "What do you see?"

    I said, "This looks like the center of a world news bureau! I see disasters everywhere and the people are in great confusion and tribulation, while the officers sit quietly monitoring all these terrible events."

    He said, "You must tell the Holy people that this place is deep in the bowels of Colorado. It is called the Omega Project. It commands and controls all the evil plans of the Evil One, Satan, to destroy the Holy people. Everything is controlled from here."

     I shook inside as I watched the personnel move about watching the events unfold on the surface of America's cities and in many places around the world. I asked, "What will happen next?"

    Gabriel said, "There will be disaster after planned disaster, earthquakes in divers places, climatic catastrophes, and financial collapse as many nations wrestle in vain with the Beast! Then, the Holy people will rise up, clean and white, within the structure of the Beast, and tear it down with the words of their testimony, by the Blood of the Lamb, and not loving their lives unto death. Then the glory of the Lord will shine upon His people, and the Lord will return for His bride. Tell the people to be watchful upon the tower, for He will call before He comes for a bride who has her lamp full with the Holy Spirit and Truth and is dressed for the wedding supper. He knocks at the door and few hear, but tell the people until all the cities are desolate and in ruin, for He will save a remnant of the Houses of Ephraim and Judah."

    I cried out for the terror as I gazed at the monitors and observed the cool and methodical military manner in which each event was orchestrated, through Iridium, Globalstar, Teledesic, and all the classified underground cities and numerous collaborative Satanic projects.

     I said, "I interceded for Your people. Though your anger is great Lord, spare a remnant of your Houses of Israel, Oh Lord! Protect them through the Times of Blessings and Cursings."


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