Top Ten Beasts of the Last Days
By Sherry Shriner

Ten beasts I keep running into, in the codes, in research, and in studying.

George Bush, Jr.- possible AC - has fake death code and "return."

Al Gore - possible AC - operates behind the scenes for now.

Javier Solana - Possible EU/Babylon AC

Hillary Clinton - instrumental in martial law and war against the saints. Possible AC,

Benny Hinn - possibly raises AC from the dead, False Prophet

Hans Van Kolvenbach - Satan's mouthpiece running everyone and everything behind the scenes.

Colin Powell - possible interim puppet

Maitreya - False Prophet - murderous freak

Sananda - False Prophet - looks just like the "Jesus" painting Michelangelo painted and the church adopted.

Germaine - False Prophet - phony nail holes in his hands